How to choose and use window cleaner

How to choose and use the window cleaner.
It's not a secret that a person's mood and even his health is depending on the room in which he or she is located. Imagine the dark walls, grimy, greasy windows through which barely penetrates meager ray of sunshine ... Darkly, isn’t it? Now imagine a clean room full of bright light coming through the crystal clear windows. Quite another thing, isn’t it?
It is very important to choose the right cleaner for glass in order to keep our windows sparkled in the house and create the necessary comfort. So, how to make your choice of the right professional cleaner for washing windows?
First of all, the chosen cleaner should not affect the human health. When working with many cleaning agents must be used the rubber gloves, but the window cleaner itself should be obligatory corresponding with all international standards of quality and environmental safety. Pay attention for the absence of a pronounced chemical smell, which can cause allergies and irritate of the respiratory tract.
For professional washing of the windows the cleaner substance should be carefully selected, depending on the type of glass, its density, the material of construction of the window frame and so on. However, for home use the universal window cleaner will be suitable. In such cleaners there is a medium or neutral pH level, which increases safety and provides quality results.
For the majority of consumers the window cleaners in form of spray are more suitable. Many manufacturers of window cleaners supply their products to the market in such a package. In this case, the window cleaner is already in the correct proportions diluted and ready to use. You just have to take a sponge and rubber gloves.
When working with glass it is necessary to remember about the accuracy. The window cleaner should not contain the solid particles that can scratch the glass surface. Also, special attention should be paid to the windows, in the surface of which can be chips, cracks or such called "stars". To apply and remove the window cleaner from such surfaces should be done very carefully.
Some substances may also be supplied to the consumers in the form of liquids or powders, requiring prior dilution in the water. The proportion should be listed on the label of each particular agent. This is less convenient way to work, but after dilution you can also fill it in the bottle specially acquired for this purpose.
When washing windows try not to leave streaks. Any excess of substance remove with a wet and then with a dry cloth.
As for the price, there is a wide range of window cleaners, which vary from the cheapest to VIP-class products. For a simple consumer we advise not to fall into any of these extremes, since even at a relatively amount you can purchase the high-quality professional window cleaner.
Here you will find the high-quality window cleaners at the relative prices. They are TEX, EMULSIO, FELCE AZZURRA. In addition, we offer the wipes for washing windows that will not leave streaks on your windows and your good mood.

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