Terms of delivery and payment for goods ordered through Internet shop.
Dear customers, especially for you, we have developed a flexible system of delivery and payment of goods ordered through the online store to provide you maximum ease of purchase. You can make a purchase without leaving home ...

Types of payment
We can offer you two types of payment:
 1. Cash (for individuals and legal entities): You pay the purchase at the time of receiving.
The courier, after taking payment, gives you the cashier's check.
Once we receive the order, the operator of the online Internet store will contact you to clarify the order, so if you want it can be corrected. When the goods are in transit or have already arrived at the place of shipment – the order is not correctable.
2. Non-cash (for legal entities): After placing the order, the operator from online store will contact you and will provide you with an invoice. After receiving the money or the confirmation of money transfer, the order will be sent to you after the preliminary notification.
 The Customer must provide unloading of the goods brought to the place of destination.

If you have any questions fill free to contact us.

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