How to choose the right soap for baby

The importance of health care, as a rule, we learn from an early age, for example, listening to poems about Moidodyr. Keeping the body clean – is one of the most important conditions for health maintaining.
At the same time, taking care of adults’ skin differs considerably from the taking care of infants’skin  and children’ skin, because the young skin structure differs from the structure of the adults’ skin.
The main features of children's skin:
The children have the thin and vulnerable stratum corneum of the skin. To make the damage to such a skin it is enough even the mechanical and chemical effects. The thickness of the epidermis of young children is 2-3 times thinner than those of adults.
The function of the sebaceous and sweat glands is just beginning to develop. Sebum and perspiration of the baby on the skin surface creates a neutral environment.
Newborns’ skin is actively involved in gas exchange. Skin breathing of newborns is 8 times more intense than in adults. Skin impurities impede the process of skin respiration; this immediately affects the general state of health.
Children's skin isn’t protected from exposure of sunlight, because the skin cells have the reduced possibility to produce the pigment melanin.
Therefore, only the proper care of the child helps the skin to perform its function.
Types of baby soap
Today, there are a lot of different types of soap for children: solid and liquid, moisturizing and anti-bacterial, perfumed and without perfume additives.
The solid soap has a pH level from 10 to 7. In result of the mixture of soap and water is formed the alkaline solution, which is damaging for infants’ skin. In order to restore the moisture balance of the skin, the wet is drawn from the deep layers of the skin causing its extra drying. Traditional solid soap is not recommended for children under one year more than once a week. It is better to use it exclusively for washing hands after a walk and before eating.
The cream soap - is a common bar soaps, which have emollients. Vegetable oils, glycerin, lanolin make part of any baby soap, but in the cream soap the percentage of these and other emollients is significantly higher.
The liquid soap is very gentle for skin, since the concentration of substances in it is less, the acid-alkaline balance is close to that of the skin and it is best washed off. Usually a liquid soap has a dispenser which protects the product from contact with the external environment and dirt. In a liquid medium the useful components (essential oils, vegetable extracts) are dissolved better.
We offer the best solution for your baby- this are Italian liquid soaps and shampoos SAPONELLO with strawberry or banana.
The main components of bactericidal soaps – are the triclosan and triclocarban. These substances remove the microorganisms from the surface of the skin. Do not forget that with pathogenic microbes are destroyed the useful ones, which prevent the penetration into the body of the harmful microbes. The usage of the antibacterial soap should be occasionally: if the wounds and abrasions appear, if the cuts and other injuries occur, when you are outdoors and are in the contact with animals.
In addition, the soap can be classified depending of its components that determine its properties. Knowing the effect of each component, you can choose the necessary soap for your baby.
The skin softening ingredients are: vegetable oil, glycerin, lanolin, spermaceti, boric acid.
The components which prevent the skin from drying are: petrolatum, chamomile extract.
The toning and nourishing components are: honey, beeswax.
The anti-inflammatory effect give: the extracts of tutsan, eucalyptus, calendula, sage, oak bark, thyme.
The fir extract provides the soothing of the skin and promotes healing of abrasions and cracks.
In order the hygienic procedures will bring not only benefits but also the pleasure, many manufacturers produce the baby soap in the form of figures of animals, birds, fairy tale characters, or liquid soap packaged in the bottles of different shape. To remind the children about the necessity to wash their hands with such kind of soaps is not necessary.
What to pay your attention when choosing a baby soap
Choose the products of well known cosmetic companies with a good reputation. The soap as well as other cosmetic products for children should be clinically tested; these products’ composition should be done according the peculiarities of children's skin. The development of an optimal balanced soap is "affordable" only for big companies.
The baby soap should not cause allergies. Before the first usage an allergic test should be done. A small area of child’s skin should be soap and then rinse well with water. You have to observe the reaction during several days after this procedure. If there are no redness, rash and peeling, the soap can be safely used. In this connection we advice you not buy the several pieces of the same soap simultaneously.
The basic requirement for a soap is the presence of a neutral pH.
Pay attention to the soap composition. As for the childs’ soap, there should not be synthetic additives, active perfumes and dyes, fragrances.
The absolutely natural soap does not exist, no matter what the manufacturer declares. Otherwise, the soap would not possess many-years term of validity. The components on the package are arranged into the order of decreasing amount) or in alphabetical order. After carefully consideration of the composition, you can independently determine how natural the soap is. The soap is better, if it contains more natural ingredients.
When choosing the soap, consult a physician, because it can harm the delicate skin of the child.

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