How to choose toilet paper

1. Choose a white toilet paper - it is the safest.
Do not buy the colored toilet paper – it’s unknown what dyes were used in its production.
2. On the package of the toilet paper should be listed expiration date.
The expired toilet paper loses its quality.
The shelf life of toilet paper is 2 years.
3. Do not buy toilet paper bleached with chlorine.
4. The gray toilet paper - the most environmentally correct, but it is almost impossible to use.
5. Purchase the embossed toilet paper - it is better absorbed.
6. The toilet paper should be a multi-layer (3-4 lays) - this also contributes to a better absorption.
7. Good toilet paper dissolves in the water.
8. Choose the soft toilet paper (especially for children and the elderly).
9. The toilet paper should have a clear line of separation - is not only convenient, but also economically.
10. Use an open toilet-paper holder, because it is the best from the viewpoint of hygiene and aesthetics.
We propose to use the toilet paper of well-known manufacturers which has 100% quality. The ideal choice is SNOW PANDA, TENTO, LAMBI, FIPPY.

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